Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Writing and Yoga Retreat: Join Me

I am teaming up with a good friend to offer a weekend writing/yoga retreat just north of Seattle, March 24-26. She is a certified Reiki Master and yoga instructor and we will be alternating yoga sessions with writing workshop sessions Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday morning as a way to delve in to creativity, self-awareness, and reflection. The setting is absolutely gorgeous - just at the foot of Mt. Baker near Bellingham, Washington, and we have hired a caterer to prepare healthy, locally-sourced, delicious meals and snacks for us. All you have to bring is yourself and a journal/computer.

You can be brand new to writing or yoga or both. You can be working on a project, or just come to get a weekend respite with others who are interested in looking at life from a different perspective. There is no requirement to attend every session (if you don't give a whit about writing, but you want to do yoga and hike - come on up; if you don't particularly like yoga, but you want to have a quiet, natural space to write - come on up).

We're offering an early-bird special ($400) for folks who sign up before February 24 and pay in full. The cost goes up to $450 after February 24, and the deadline for registration is March 15.

We can accommodate dietary needs, so let us know when you sign up, and please consider joining us. Email me with questions or to register (you can pay via check or SquareCash) at

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Elizabeth said...

This looks wonderful. I will share on Facebook. I wish that I could come, but Henry is playing lacrosse that month, and it's his last year to do so before college, so I'm not making any commitments!

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