Friday, April 04, 2014

Happy Birthday, Maya Angelou!

I have been lucky to see Maya Angelou speak a few times in my life. Three times, I have written about her on this blog. I truly believe her life is a precious gift for so many people and I wish her a very, very happy birthday.

Here are links to my previous posts about this amazing woman.

Of Storms and Rainbows

Thank You, Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is My Mother


Elizabeth said...

I'll never forget the time I saw her in Los Angeles right after she'd won the Presidential Medal -- it was sublime and she was a goddess. said...

I saw her years ago and came face to face with her as she was leaving the venue. I said, Thank you. She said, You're welcome. That was all.

I just read Mom & Me & Mom. Loved it. It almost read like a blog to me. A different style than most of her books.

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