Friday, May 29, 2009

Never Underestimate the Power of WAIT

"Wait for it...
Wait for it..."

"Hold on a minute"
or even

"Time heals all"

You've heard them. You've hated them. You've railed against them. Me? I'm LOVING them. I'm nominating them for a freaking Nobel Prize. I am appreciating them.

Going off gluten was fairly easy. I thought. Food-wise it was really not a big deal. Until I realized it had been several days since I had a bowel movement. Until the clot of hair in my shower drain made it clear that I wasn't just 'losing my winter coat,' I was losing hair at a pretty rapid rate. Okay, now what? A frantic email to my doctor asking if these were normal (please, please say they're normal, please, pretty please) occurrences, fully expected when one goes off gluten cold-turkey.

She assured me that, yes, this was normal. My body was trying desperately to shed the toxins stored in my gut and it was on overload. She advised me to schedule an appointment to come in so that she could help me "get through this rough patch." I meant to. I really did. But I'm already taking Calcium and Magnesium supplements, Zinc and vitamin B. I can barely keep track of the capsules and pills I'm taking and the point of going off of gluten was to eliminate the need for most of these things.

So I procrastinated. And a few days later, I noticed my hair wasn't falling out anymore. By the end of the week, I felt perfectly fine.

If I hadn't waited, I suppose I would have credited my doctor's remedy with helping me feel better. If I hadn't waited, I would be struggling to keep track of even more supplements every morning. If I hadn't waited, I wouldn't have been reminded of the healing power of my own body.
In January, my fantastic, lovely, kind, perceptive editor returned my manuscript with her suggestions. I meant to work furiously every Thursday and Friday to rewrite the book and have it done by Spring Break. I meant to have a query letter ready for agents by May.

Instead I rested. I slept. I worked on my house and spent time with my kids. I filled in for a co-worker and created a terrific yearbook for the school where I work. And two weeks ago, I finally hit my groove on the rewriting. Last week, Obama got to choose a nominee for the Supreme Court and the sh*t that hit the fan was about abortion. This week, Planned Parenthood rolled out a new campaign to help teens avoid unintended pregnancies. This month, you can't sneeze in the grocery store without hitting a magazine that has Bristol Palin's unwed-mother picture on it.

If I hadn't waited, I wouldn't have been inspired to add all of those things to the intro of the book. If I hadn't waited, I wouldn't have hit my groove. If I hadn't waited, I wouldn't have gotten to spend my days on my sunny back deck with a glass of iced tea listening to the birds sing as I worked.

Think I'll go see what else I can wait on....


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Well of course I love this, and you know what I'm going to say, so I won't even bother. I'll just raise my glass of iced tea to you and clink to the new you!


Deb Shucka said...

Well, it should be on the page, don't you think? :)

No accidents.

Raising my glass of lemonade along with Carrie's iced tea.


Jerri said...

Learning the value of waiting cannot have been easy for you. Add that to your list of accomplishments.

My glass holds wine tonight, and I toast to you!

Miss Devylish said...

I'm still learning.. but I do my best to try to channel you as best I can since you always tend to be my mentor. Someone called me patient yesterday and I thought.. wow.. I AM learning! Thanks sugar.. you're an inspiration. xoxo

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