Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Zagabonsis Day!

Don't worry. You haven't missed anything. Unless you're part of Lola's world, that is. According to Lola, today is Zagabonsis Day.

This particular holiday was born about six weeks ago when Lola got a wild hair. Awakening at her usual time (6:15am), she leaped out of bed and ran down the hall to my room for a morning cuddle. Naked. She sleeps naked - she prefers to be completely "unmussed" while she's asleep except for her comforter.

After a speedy micro-cuddle she blurted out, "Mommy, have you checked the weather today? Do you know what it's like outside? Have you looked out your window?"

Umm, honestly? My eyes weren't open yet. No, my priorities were not weather-related at this point.

Lola leaped out of bed and headed (I assumed) toward the window to check and announce the results.

Rule 1: Never assume anything.
Rule 2: Lola's thoughts skitter randomly throughout her brain and rarely follow logical pathways.

The next thing I know, she is balanced precariously on the sliver of wood that is my bed's footboard - naked - and launches herself through the air toward me. Before the fear set in, my first thought was that this was what a flying squirrel must look like as it throws itself from one tree to the next. All four limbs splayed out into the air, spread wide to catch the maximum amount of air.

Then, fear.


Whoomph! She landed between Bubba and me.

As soon as my heart had descended back down into my chest cavity from my throat I was able to ask, "What is Zagabonsis Day?"

Think opera, now, people. Close your eyes and imagine a diva onstage in the spotlight letting go. Pretend that you can see the musical notes around Lola's next words.

"It's the day where you have to sing everything you saaaaaaayyyyyy."

She proceeded to do so, naked, through breakfast. Until I made her get dressed to go to school and her sister was about to kill her for singing every. single. word.

Apparently, Zagabonsis Day comes more than once a year. So, sing your heart out, people! Lola hasn't published the full calendar, but she assures me that there will be another opportunity to celebrate in June.


Michelle O'Neil said...

I love it! Tra-la-la-la-la!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Piece. Of. Work. My favorite kind of person.

Scott from Oregon said...

Those all singing days are great.

We need at least one a month.

Deb Shucka said...

And I thought 90 pounds of Golden Retriever leaping onto the bed was a rough way to wake up. Lola's flying squirrel routine makes my heart stop just reading about it!

I wonder what her teachers thought of Zagabonsis day. said...

I'm totally ready to celebrate Zagabonsis Day! It sounds like a holiday I could really enjoy! Of course, I prefer to sing my sentences fully clothed!

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