Monday, April 27, 2009

I Am Not the World's Best Housekeeper

And it's not very often I'm glad of it, but today you can color me happy.
I have a very deep tub in my bathroom. It's basic - white, no jets, but very deep. I don't use it nearly often enough and most of the time when I do, it isn't long before the door is flung open and one of my daughters comes to investigate. They come under the pretense of needing something, and Eve tends to sit on the edge of the tub and drift her fingertips in, "Just to see how hot the water is, Mom."

Lola teases and threatens to turn the cold tap on full blast or she flings toys in with me, "to play with!"

This morning, home alone and unable to get warm all the way through, I decided to take a bath. Knowing that my two girls were the last two in the tub, I peered over the edge and was surprised at how clean it actually looked.

I ran the water as hot as I could stand it, threw in some lavender bath salts and submerged myself. Five minutes later I finally opened my eyes and began finding treasures.

A long blonde Lola hair floating atop the water, making that little puckery look along its edges as if it were about to sink. I put my fingertip to it and dragged it to the side of the tub.

Next was a bright red chip of nail polish from Eve's toes in the shape of Texas. It took its place alongside the hair.

A short black cat hair was the third item and as I put it with the other pieces I began to reconstruct the bath the girls took on Saturday night. They had brought in cups and pitchers and their super-squirters ("just at each other, Mom! We promise, not all over the bathroom."). The cat sat on the wide ledge and dangled the tip of her tail in, swishing it back and forth as the girls pretended to be baristas crafting new drinks. They added fantastic ingredients, swished, poured for each other and pretended to do taste tests. Each new creation was met with praise, "How did you get so many bubbles in that? You're amazing!" "Oh, no, it was nothing. Your drink knocked my socks off, little sister!"

Bubba and I hid outside the bathroom and stifled our giggles.

As I raised my knee up out of the hot water I noticed a small piece of paper stuck to me. A bit of the label that had soaked off of their water weapons. This was the final piece of the reconstruction. I won't say that they were able to keep their promise about not getting water on the floor, but they sure had a great time with all that came before.

Apparently I still can't take a bath alone, but this one proved to be pretty fun for me as I conjured up the images of my girls at play. Good thing I didn't clean the tub before I got in...


Deb Shucka said...

Who knows what you might discover in a clean and empty tub!

Jerri said...

"Your drink knocked my socks off, little sister!"

That's a memory to hold on to, Kari.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I'm still stuck on the fact that you TOOK A BATH! WOOHOOO! Progress!

Scott from Oregon said...

I shared an apartment with a canadian girl in Tokyo who refused to clean the tub when she was finished.

Trouble was, she had hair like Cousin It, down below her knees, and she shed this blonde hair while she bathed.

It was like cobwebs in there, I swear.

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