Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And I'm Sticking to it

The scene: 3:30a.m. It's dark and rainy outside, our youngest daughter has just woken us up complaining of a sore foot (see previous post).  The cat-who-thinks-he-is-a-dog follows me back to bed after I administer ibuprofen to Lola and tuck her back in.  He curls up and sinks back into my chest, snaking his tail around all four paws and begins licking my hand loudly.

BUBBA: Damn cat! Quiet!

ME: Oh, hush. He's just purring.

BUBBA: No, he's licking you too loudly. I can't sleep.

ME: (chuckling) Oh, really? He'll stop in a minute. Just chill.

BUBBA: What are you laughing at?

ME: He doesn't lick anywhere near as loudly as you snore, sweetie.

BUBBA: Yeah, but when I snore, you elbow me until I roll over and stop.

ME: That's because I can't get any sleep when you're snoring.

BUBBA: So how come it doesn't bother you when the cat is purring right in your ear and you're trying to sleep? Why don't you elbow him?

ME: Hmmm.

I don't know. I find his purring pretty soothing, actually. Not something I can say for Bubba's snoring. I actually lay awake for a while trying to figure that one out (damn that Bubba). Is it because I love the cat more? No way.  
Is it because the cat's fur is soft and silky under my fingertips? I don't think so. I'm pretty happy that Bubba isn't furry.
Is it because the cat's purr is a sign of contentment and Bubba's snoring is a sign of congestion? Maybe. 

That's my story... 


Carrie Wilson Link said...

LOL! To compare the two is ridiculous! One is pleasant, one is OBNOXIOUS! And I'm still laughing about him saying, "He's licking you too loudly!"

Michelle O'Neil said...

Don't get me started on snoring. Nothing soothing about it.

Deb Shucka said...

It's the regularity of the vibration. Snoring starts and stops and the minute you think you can relax it goes off again. Purring is gentle and lulls you back to sleep.

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