Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Bubba's got cabin fever. Once he emerged from his cave (aka, his home office) and realized there was no way we're heading out of town for the holidays, he began plotting. Checking the weather forecast, he felt reasonably sure that we were safe from any additional storms until late this afternoon and began throwing out ideas:
-take the girls to the gym for a swim
-take the girls out to lunch
-take the girls out for a movie
-somehow incorporate all three things

I recognized the panicked look in his eyes and figured I'd better do something quick. We found a movie close by that wouldn't require us to drive up or down any hills and would be over by 2:00pm, pitched the idea to the girls and headed out to see "The Tale of Desperaux."

Despite the fact that 75mph winds and several inches of snow were forecast, I only stepped out of the movie twice. First, I went out to get the girls a snack (and take a peek outside at the parking lot and the sky). Second, a bathroom stop (and a peek outside). Nonetheless, I have to say that the movie was great. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed it and while there were no belly-laughs, it was cute, had adventure and a message that was conveyed while not being rammed down our throats. I haven't read the book (although my eldest has and she swears the two are not radically divergent), but the movie made me want to.

Unfortunately, by the time we made our way home along the thick sheets of ice that used to be major roads, the snow had begun to fall again and the wind was swirling around us, creating mini-tornadoes of the white stuff. Lucky us, there's a Netflix distribution center not too far from us and the Postal Service came through with a movie waiting in our mailbox.

After the girls were safely in bed, assured that we would come find them if the power goes out tonight, we settled in for movie #2, wondering whether we'd manage to make it through the entire flick before losing power. After having seen the movie, I'm not sure whether we should have wished for a downed power line.

Bubba's in charge of the Netflix queue and unless I keep him honest, he often succumbs to his redneck impulses and stacks the list with 'adventure' movies. Not that I don't appreciate a good Indiana Jones or James Bond-type movie from time to time, but "The Mummy 3?" Let me just say I'm proud of Rachel Weisz for choosing not to affiliate herself with this particular sequel. Jet Li showed some poor judgement and I'm sure I won't be likely to look for another Brendan Fraser movie anytime soon. Pathetic.

For now, the winds have died down a bit, but the snow still hasn't stopped. I can only hope there is power enough to watch a pay-per-view movie to erase "The Mummy 3" from my memory. Wish us luck.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

It sounds to me that from now on you should be in charge of the Metfix movies. I am sure you can do a much better job of picking the right ones. Men shouldn't be left in charge of these kind of things. It's way too much responsibility for them.

Deb said...

We alternate choosing, and once in a while even find one we both love. Sadly, as far as movies go, there's just not so much to love as I remember in past years.

I hope your power holds (almost as much as I hope our power holds!) for this next stretch of winter weather.

I think today may be the day to break out the jigsaw puzzles.

Jill of All Trades said...

At least it's not like my daughter who chooses only subtitled foreign movies. Her poor hubby has given up watching movies with her. LOL. Stay warm.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

LUCK! We are all losing our minds here - day EIGHT together! Count 'em! We've rented movies, we've pulled out the jigsaw puzzles, I'm telling you, I need a new trick up my sleeve!

Jerri said...

What movie mojo is strong enough to get rid of the Mummy 3?

Boy, do I wish you luck. And love. And happiness.

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