Friday, December 05, 2008

The Eaglets Have Landed!

I'm an auntie again. Bubba's brother and his wife had twin girls last night and I am over the moon. This sweet couple are parents to a lovely son already and are excited about taking on the challenge of bringing home two new babies.

Let me just say that the past two weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster. On bed rest for the past five weeks or so, my sister-in-law was no doubt inundated with phone calls from family and friends inquiring about her health and due date until she couldn't stand it anymore. We spent Thanksgiving with Bubba's family (except for the notably absent couple) and phoned them as a group every day for updates. While she had been to the hospital a few times that week, she was sent home because her labor was not progressing and she chose not to have it accelerated.

This woman is strong in mind and body. When they put her on bed rest, they noted that both babies were in the breech position and brought up the subject of a C-section. Her response was to lie on a 30 degree incline three times a day in order to help the babies "flip." One of them did. A week later, the other one did. Unfortunately, she changed her mind a day or two later and went back.

By the time she was 38 weeks along, the doctors were more and more interested in inducing her, but she remained firm. She was determined to have these babies vaginally if at all possible. I'm happy to report that she got her wish - at least halfway. Yesterday afternoon, at 39 weeks and counting, they broke her water and she delivered baby A vaginally. Unfortunately, they had to go in and get baby B out via emergency C-section, but I talked to my brother-in-law this morning and everyone is doing tremendously.

At least until we all realize that there will be FOUR TEENAGE GIRLS in the family in about 11 years' time. Oh crap. We'd better all start our relaxation techniques now. And I'm thinking that at least once a year, Bubba, his brother and the lone nephew will escape for some testosterone-time.


Jill of All Trades said...

Good news, good news. Congratulations.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Oh man! After pushing one out to then have to get a C-section! Bless her heart.


Deb said...

Congratulations to everyone! Just think about the great story material they'll provide- all those adolescent girls!

Jenny said...


Carrie Wilson Link said...

WOOOHOO! I've been excited to hear the news, so glad to hear it! Happy, happy!

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