Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And It's Not Even a Full Moon

Only my family.

As much as Bubba has traveled in his lifetime, it turns out he's never had a hybrid rental car. Tonight when we called him for our daily check-in, he was on his way to a reception gathering.

"I'm driving this hybrid, but I really don't know how to turn it on."

Huh? Turns out the valet brought it to him already running and he took off for the reception not having had to start the car himself. Hope he doesn't have too many drinks at the gathering this evening or he's likely to have to call a cab to get back to the hotel.

My youngest had set up a fort for herself this afternoon, complete with books, a sleeping bag, her cushiest pillow, and a lamp. When it was time to get ready for bed I asked her to put everything back where it came from. Seconds later she was grabbing her chin and screaming bloody murder. Seems she had accidentally touched her chin to the light bulb as she plugged the lamp back in and burned the bejeesus out of it. After 20 minutes with ice on it, she's got blistering second degree burns. From a light bulb. On her chin. How are we gonna explain that one to her teachers tomorrow?

Before bed, I read the first chapter of my latest writing project (a children's book) to the girls for their feedback. I'm trying to get the voice of the main character - a six year old boy - just right. My oldest daughter raved about the story line and went to bed to write in her journal. Thirty minutes later she was crying and calling for me from her bed. Turns out her journal entry tonight was basically a plagiarism of my entire first chapter except that she changed the name of the main character and she was feeling incredibly guilty. So guilty that she couldn't go to bed without coming clean and apologizing.

Sheesh! Please tell me the dog and cat aren't planning anything out of the ordinary tonight. I'm ready for a glass of wine and some peace and quiet.


Jerri said...

May all around you be peace.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

No, but it is 99% full - hope your wine glass is, too!

Deb said...

I love your family! Love you, too.

Michelle O'Neil said...

So funny! Let's hope her conscience is the same when she's a teenager. She'll get away with nothing!

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