Saturday, August 30, 2008


Too crazy busy to write much substantial stuff today. I just have to pass along a few things I'm absolutely enthralled with these days.

While messing around on Amazon I came across Tristan Prettyman's new album "Hello...X". I'm always looking for new singer-songwriters that I can listen to with my daughters. Not that I don't looove Miley Cyrus, but there are other messages out there I'd like to encourage, you know? Tristan's songs are upbeat, clever and her voice is gorgeous. This CD has earned an honored place in my kitchen CD player which is switched on every time I'm in there (about 15 hours a day some days). If you love smart chick music, check it out!

School starts Wednesday and I'm already dreading packing lunches every. damn. day. I hate plastic bags, both for their damnable convenience and the fact that they will exist on the planet forever. Oh, the guilt when I reach into that drawer and pull out another one! Last year I experimented with small reusable plastic containers, but the girls complained that their lunch bags were stuffed full once I put a thermos of soup in there, a small inflexible container of pretzels or crackers, a small inflexible container of fruit and a small inflexible container of veggies. Forget finding room for a water bottle unless I want to pack lunches in a backpack. This year, I got rid of (read: recycled) all of my tupperware in favor of glass containers that I can wash and put in the microwave without worrying about leaching toxic materials into our food. So, now what? Enter the Wrap 'n Mat. Just goes to show you that necessity is the mother of invention. Especially when the inventor is a mother ;-). I love these things. The patterns are a little strange sometimes, but the girls like the red gingham just fine. Whew! One problem solved. Now, anyone know how to convince my kids to eat pb and j sandwiches five days a week?

Finally, I'm not sure this qualifies as something I love or something I'm loving to hate, but it's a big part of my life right now, so it bears inclusion on this list. I'm busy reading The Omnivore's Dilemma" right now at an uncharacteristically (for me) slow pace. It's a slow go because there are things in there that I am having trouble learning about the way our American food machine works. I have to read ten or so pages at a time and then put it down and reward myself with some brain candy. I had previously thought of myself as a fairly informed consumer with a desire to decrease my impact on the planet. Consider me educated. I'll be changing the way we eat even more after this. I won't reveal the details except to say I was shocked at what farm subsidies have actually accomplished (not in a good way) over the past fifty years and thoroughly disgusted to learn that it takes a barrel of oil to raise a cow from birth to slaughterhouse when it's fed corn on a "cow mill" in the midwest. Ugh.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I bow to you. I flunk all things kitchen/food related.

Deb said...

We can always count on you to find the coolest, greenest stuff. I still remember the doggy septic tank you got. Looking forward to hearing about more of your changes.

Eileen said...

This was such a fun, cool post. I appreciate all the informative sites and things to ponder. We have been trying very hard to go "more green." My youngest is very serious about it and is constantly coming up with new ideas/concerns.

Love the idea of tossing the tupperware. My kids still stick with the plastic bags in brown paper sacks. I hate using the plastic but I don't have any other ideas at this point.

I will check out that book too, it sounds like a book that will help, but scare me, at the same time.


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