Saturday, April 05, 2008

What a Zoo!

Typical morning conversation as we snuggle in bed with the girls before rousing ourselves to start our day:

5-yr. old: Did you know that they named 'Saturday' after Saturn?

Bubba: The car? They named a day of the week after a car?

5yo: No, dork! The planet Saturn. Like Mars, Jupiter and Pluto before they turned it in to a rock.

Bubba: Is that where you're from? Mars? Or Saturn?

5yo: Nope. I'm from Monkeyland.

Bubba: Is that on Jupiter?

5yo: No. Monkeyland is on the freeway. Right near Disneyland.

Bubba: So I have to drive there?

5yo: No. You have to use the monkey bars.

Man, I'm gonna miss these guys! I'm on my way to redeem my terrific Christmas gift from Bubba - spending a week in England with my best friend. The girls and I all sobbed at the airport together in an enormous group hug while Bubba furiously swiped at his own eyes and urged me to go through the security checkpoint so we could stop the blubbering.

I hate leaving them and knowing that I'll miss a week of their lives. I hate leaving them after this rough, rough week we spent with my father at his house, having to acknowledge in person the way cancer is having its way with his body. I can't wait to scope out all of the terrific places for us to go back and visit together and find just the perfect treasures to bring home for them.

I love knowing that Bubba will take excellent care of them while I'm gone. I love knowing that they miss me and want me to be with them. The little monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Love your morning chatter, love the home/your life you and Bubba have created for yourselves. It is one that is full of love and giggles. The best kind of all.

Enjoy you trip, you deserve it, you need it and your family will be just fine.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

What a great snippet! I love it! But are you sure it won't be KINDA nice to have a short break from that? Lord. Have. Mercy!

Deb said...

Safe journey dear friend. I hope you come back refreshed and enlightened and lightened. I can hardly wait to hear about your adventures. Love.

Jen McGrath said...

Best of luck to you! Glad I found your blog. Very inspiring.

Jerri said...

I love knowing you will return with wonderful stories to share.

Traveling mercies, friend. Safe journey.

Miss Devylish said...

I love this.. so sweet. Can't wait to hear about your trip and travels when you're better.. xo

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