Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me...

I've been tagged by My Own Woman. It is my duty to come up with seven interesting tidbits about myself to share. Let me know if you think these fit the bill (where does that saying come from, anyway?).

  1. I spent seven years of my life training to be a ballerina. I performed onstage as Clara in The Nutcracker, Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, and in multiple other roles. There was nothing I wanted more than to spend my life backstage getting made up and hairsprayed and costumed for another show. My primary teacher was an ex-Russian ballerina who stalked the studio, pounding her cane on the hardwood floor and barking orders at us. I loved every minute of it. Moving to Wyoming unfortunately ended that portion of my life.

  2. The first time I attempted to ride my bike without training wheels I was so worried about my father letting go of the back of the bike that when I turned around to make sure he was still holding on I ran into a parked car.

  3. In high school I had to go without any caffeine (chocolate included) for two years because I had such fibrocystic breast tissue that they were afraid I might be at risk for other complications. Those of you who know anything about me will find it difficult to believe that I could go for two days without chocolate, much less two years.

  4. After a decade of swearing that I would never ever get married or have children, I proposed to my boyfriend during Spring Break in my senior year of college. His response? "You can't ask me that." I was crushed. I got into my car for the 200 mile drive back to school wondering whether our relationship could survive after this. Turns out I had stolen his thunder. He'd already purchased a ring and was planning to ask me to marry him when I graduated. We stayed together despite my misgivings and he asked me on the beach in Maui. We've been married for almost fourteen years.

  5. From the time I was 14 years old I have had the following jobs: ice-cream schlepper at Dairy Queen, customer service at a gift shop on the beach, busser/waitress/hostess at a five-star resort, re-shelver at the university library, calculus tutor, veterinary assistant, medical assistant in a family planning clinic, scheduler/assistant for women's radiology department at teaching hospital, secretary for international shipping line, microfilm processor for regional power company, surgical assistant for plastic/reconstructive surgeons, surgical assistant for dermatologist, office manager for a physical therapy clinic, quality management assistant for longterm children's mental health authority, database administrator/consultant for children's mental health inpatient facility, freelance writer.

  6. Before I had children I swore like a sailor and, in the proper company, I've still got it.

  7. I hate anything having to do with beauty pageants in any form or fashion. I find them useless and demeaning.
Whew. That was more difficult than I expected it to be. Now comes the 'chain' portion of the post. The next seven bloggers I'm tagging are Carrie,Michelle, Deb, Holly, Ammogirl, Miss Devylish, and just because I know she's looking for something to do, the final nominee is Jerri.


Miss Devylish said...

When I write my list, I have to say something about your #5 because not only did I know you when you had job #1, I had 2 more jobs at the same 5 star resort in addition to the same 3 you did and tho we didn't work at the same gift shop, I know I had to have worked at one there at some point. :) Small towns. Also, um. You do still 'got it' when you're around me. In fact, I usually 'have it' around your children too, which is not so good.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Key-rist! Can't talk now, gotta go think of interesting things about myself that are little known. That'll be hard, my life is an open f'ing book!

Deb said...

The more I know you, the better I like you!

Gotta go think of 7 somethings. Thanks for giving me such a good reason to continue avoiding the end of my story.

Jenny said...

These are great Kari - love 'em!

Suzy said...

Anytime you need to do # 6- give me a call!

We must have been on the same boat in the Navy.

Love you


Kim said...

Wow!! These lists are incredible!

#1 is very, very cool, and I LOVE the story of #4. So romantic. Thank the lord you stuck it out until graduation!

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