Friday, October 12, 2007

My Love of Writing (A MEME from Michelle O'Neil)

  • My best 'writing' is done in one of three places: in the shower as I talk to myself, while I'm walking the dog, or in the grey, predawn hours as I'm between sleep and waking. I carry a mini-recorder in my pocket as I walk the dog because so often as soon as I get home the best phrases have flown the coop.
  • My daughters think it's cool that I am working on writing a book and my oldest collects spiral notebooks and has begun dozens of children's stories in the last few months.
  • When I was in high school and college, I firmly adhered to the formula of making an outline before writing anything. Now that I write for me, I can't even manage one powerful word if I use that method. Instead I have to firmly engage my creative mind and throw the rules out of my office on their a** in order to make magic.
  • Writing longhand is incredibly difficult for me. I type almost 120 words per minute and can't write nearly that fast. Because my brain works so fast when I'm writing, I can't keep up as I write. Typing is the only way.
  • The posts that I've dashed off without thinking about them too deeply are the ones that have gotten the most positive responses from readers. They are the ones that come from the top of my head and my heart and I doubt them every time - every single time. I am always blown away at the response to those posts and one day I'll learn to trust that process I hope.

Okay, next up are Scott from Oregon, Deb, Eileen, and Jenny.


Jerri said...

120 words a minute? Wow!

Thanks to MO'N for getting us started on this. It's been such fun to read others' ideas on their own writing.

The one constant I've noticed is that we doubt ourselves and, like you, we all do best when we let go and trust Source.

holly said...

120 words a minute? Can I borrow your hands for a while?

Jenny said...

What a fun meme. I'll post about this soon.

Love tht last one you mentioned. Off the cuff stuff is the good stuff...

Ziji Wangmo said...

Great idea to carry a recorder with you while walking! great meme - so fun to read.

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