Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Sugar-fest!

Halloween always sneaks up on me. I realize how ridiculous that sounds, given the fact that the stores begin putting up their spooky displays the day after Labor Day. Despite that, year after year I forget to buy any candy and procrastinate about shopping for costumes for my girls.

I know, I stink. When I was a kid, nobody bought costumes. We decided what we wanted to be and then found a way to make it. Sometimes, we were lucky enough to find an adult who was willing to help us sew, glue, or otherwise construct our fantasy outfits. I can remember spray painting two cardboard boxes white with black dots, cutting out holes for arms, legs, and heads, and teaming up with my little sister to be a pair of dice. Okay for trick-or-treating, but they came off the second we got home since it's pretty hard to sit down when your body is contained inside a box.

We used pillowcases to collect our candy as we walked block after block in our neighborhood, accepting congratulations on our creativity and wishing the grownups would quit talking so we could get to the next house. Like everyone else we knew, as soon as we returned home, the loot was dumped into piles on the carpet in the living room and sorted and traded.
I am a candy snob and, to some extent, I always have been. As a kid, I liked candy bars as much as the rest of them, but I wouldn't eat just any candy. Those families that gave out little stacks of Necco Wafers on Halloween? If I had been paying enough attention to pinpoint exactly who they were, I'd have gone back later with toilet paper. Those things are just glorified communion wafers with food coloring. They always tasted stale and the flavors were just gross. Come on, people! I can also remember rejecting Tootsie Rolls. Now, I know some people really like them but what are they really? They aren't chocolate. They aren't taffy. They aren't right.
No, back then I coveted Milky Way candy bars, M&Ms and Sugar Daddy's. Getting a real Sugar Daddy - you know, the big ones on a stick - was pretty rare, but at least one family in our neighborhood always came through. I could make those things last for days. Bubble gum was always welcome, too. Anything with peanuts, though? Those were fair game for my siblings as were Almond Joy and Mounds bars.

These days I almost don't have to buy any candy at all. With only six houses in our neighborhood, we don't get any outside trick-or-treaters. That leaves me free to make up special bags of goodies for each of the kids who live near us so I stuff them with temporary tattoos, stickers, and lots of good candy. Real size candy, not those piddly little bite-size ones. This afternoon I raced to the drugstore to pick out the loot since I had pretty much forgotten that tomorrow is the actual day. Lucky for me there are an odd number of kids in the neighborhood so I usually have some good stuff left over. Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And Sugar Daddys.


Jerri said...

I LOVED Sugar Daddys. Do you remember Sugar Babys? I liked those a lot, too.

Hope you and the girls have tons of fun.

MY OWN WOMAN said...

I remember racing home from school so I could start pestering my mother to help me get ready for trick or treating. Nope...we didn't inspect the candy, we ate a little of it from house to house and made a huge pile in the middle of the living room floor when we got home.

Awww.....back when being young was glorious!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I use to love trick or treating with our pillow cases and boy could we fill them up!! I am with you with getting the good stuff! I loved the big chocolate bars, with or without nuts, loved the big Sugar Daddy's that practically pulled your teeth out! I hated those Necco Waffer things or Smarters or all those tiny things that had no taste.
Out here in the country we did not get any trick or treaters, not one! I had a huge bowl of big candy bars, that I noticed my girls and their friends cleared out, when they left for their night out. They went into town. I was home with the dog.
It was quiet, but nice. Your post brought back some really nice memories! Hope your girls had fun!

Deb said...

"They aren't chocolate. They aren't taffy. They aren't right." I love this! I also really like Necco wafers and get really excited when I see them now. I'll trade you my Sugar Daddies for your Neccos.

Jess said...

I have a picture of myself in the living room from sometime in the early 80s with all my Halloween candy spread out and sorted. I was totally obsessive about it (I'm a Virgo after all).

Yeah, I remember Sugar Daddies. Yum.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I'm SO with you on the TFBS Necco Wafers and Tootsie Rolls! But, must argue, passionately about the Almond Joys - delish!

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