Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can You Say "Cuckoo?"

For a person who is absolutely certain I am incapable of writing fiction, I've decided all I have to do is look to my dreams. Not that they make any sense, but for people who enjoy psychedelic stories like "A Clockwork Orange", they just might do the trick. I've begun having hot flashes again after nearly six months free of them, which is really too bad because I love, love, love the crisp cold clear mornings of fall and look forward to putting on sweaters and heating up the kettle in the afternoons, but damned if these hot flashes haven't forced me back into capris and short-sleeved shirts and iced tea! Anyway, along with the hot flashes come the technicolor Pink Floyd dreams and who better to share them with than you all, I say? Here goes:

Last night I had a dream that I was in Seattle with my husband and some other nameless, faceless person. Somehow we either lost our car or it became incapacitated and we decided to walk home. For the record, that's about 25 miles. In the dream it seemed like no big deal. Until the thunderstorm started, that is. Along our route, we became aware that there were hordes of other people walking in the same direction as us and we decided to join them. We ended up on the I-90 bridge where it crosses Lake Washington towards Mercer Island but it was under water. Luckily for us, there were literally dozens of laundry baskets floating by us, pulled by the northward current (?) in the lake. Each of us grabbed one and jumped in. Yes, laundry baskets. With holes. Not sinking. Don't ask me! Anyway, I had my laptop in its pink bag and we started paddling. It took only minutes to get all the way across the lake and we were hauled out by some good samaritan on the other side and began walking on Mercer Island, looking for a phone to call the babysitter to come pick us up in her car. All of a sudden I realized I’d forgotten my laptop in my makeshift boat and, even though my husband assured me that it was a lost cause, I raced back to find it. Miraculously it was still sitting in the bottom of the laundry basket unharmed, and I grabbed it and opened it and turned it on and it was fine. I was gloating.

The power was out on the island so we couldn’t call anyone to come get us but they said it wouldn’t be down for long, so we decided to walk and wait. We came across this house with two pigs, an adult and a baby. They were both grey and dirty and ugly and the adult had huge sores on it’s back, filled with finger-width size worms burrowing in. I almost couldn’t stand to look at it. At some point the third person with us remembered that she had a house on the island and invited us to come have some food. By now the sun was shining and we followed her into the house and sat down at her kitchen table all together.

Later as we walked along the island, I saw the 13-year old daughter of one of my close friends and started talking to her about sex, hoping she would trust me with her most private thoughts.

Thank you, menopause, for entertaining me in my sleep. Now, if only the hot flashes served some purpose!


Scott from Oregon said...

Do you think laundry baskets are even in the dream analysis books?

Deb said...

I'm amazed that you remembered so much! I wonder what would happen if you did the Part of Me exercize that Jennifer and Carrie taught us in Sisters.

I'm just glad you got your computer!

Suzy said...

What did you eat before going to bed?

Love you


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I choose to believe the hot flashes burn extra calories, the ones we eat because we're going through menopause.

You TOTALLY have to do the Part-of-Me exercise with just one key line from the dream - it'll blow your mind!

Not enough can be made that your computer was safe and sound! In fact, let's play with that:

"Miraculously it was still sitting in the bottom of the laundry basket unharmed, and I grabbed it and opened it and turned it on and it was fine."

The miraculaous (POM) was still (POM) sitting (POM) in the bottom (POM) of the laundry (POM) basket (POM) unharmed (POM) and I (POM) grabbed (POM) it and opened (POM) it and turned (POM) it on (POM) and it was fine (POM).

I think the dream is telling you that with your computer your are same and miraculous, and FINE! And I couldn't agree more!

Jerri said...

I like CWL's interpretation. No matter the stresses, your computer (your writing) is safe.

And so are you.

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