Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Fair!

Let me first say this: Weight Watchers Online is a terrific thing. No meetings for me to attend. The last thing I want to do is sit in a room with other people trying to lose weight trading critiques of lowfat desserts or sugar-free chocolates, justifying my lack of desire to get on the treadmill today.

I can track my daily meals and, during that first week of re-enrollment (yeah, I sign up at least three times a year for a month or so, lose a few pounds and foolishly think I can go it alone) I am reminded how often I walk past the counter and pop a few grapes (or chocolate chips, or leftover crusts of PBJ sandwiches or slices of cheese) into my mouth on a daily basis. That's the first thing to go. That's what makes it tough working from home. The kitchen is RIGHT THERE!

The second thing to happen is that, after losing a few pounds, I realize that in order to continue to indulge in my daily (sometimes twice or three times daily) chocolate-fix, whilst losing a few pounds, I am obliged to do something physical. And typing on my laptop, unfortunately, doesn't burn many calories. Another good reminder.

The third thing that happens is that my husband sees me losing a few pounds a week and gets inspired so he, too, joins. Great! Right? Not so much. You see, Weight Watchers gives you a weekly allowance of points based on your current weight and your target weight. The closer you get to your target weight, the fewer points you get so that eventually you can learn to maintain a healthy weight. They encourage you to eat 5+ daily servings of fruits and vegetables and points are assigned for foods based on their relative calories, fat, and fiber. You can eat what you want, but if you go over your daily allowance of points, you won't be losing any weight.

Sounds good. Here's the rub. Men get more points. Even if they are close to their ideal weight. No fair. He can sit there chowing on a turkey sandwich with avocado and mayonnaise and even a slice of real cheese while I'm stuck with a bowl of lettuce and tomatoes with a half a cup of tuna fish on top. Thank God wine is only 2 points per glass! I might turn into an alcoholic, but I'll fit into my favorite pants!

Now, along about the third week into this, something even more frustrating happens. I weigh in every Monday. The first Monday, I usually have lost two or three pounds. The second Monday, one or two more. I can fit into a slightly smaller pair of pants, or the ones I wore last week are not quite so tight. I'm feeling good. The third week, I begin to get a very strong craving for salty snacks and chocolate - lots of chocolate. Oh, crap! By Sunday night, the bloat begins and I know my period is coming. Monday morning I get on the scale and, yup, I'm back to my original weight. Water weight. Bloat. Not fair. The first two weeks as I logged my weight a little smiley face popped up on the site, encouraging me to keep going - I'm doing great. Today as I enter my I'm-having-my-period-this-week-so-I-can't-fit-into-anything-and-most-of-my-calories-will-consist-of-dark-chocolate-weight, I am 'rewarded' with a sad face and a trite "Thanks for logging your weight this week. Maybe you should revisit your goals and try some of our recipes to get back on track." Ugh. Meanwhile, my husband has lost another three pounds and he's off to have sushi for lunch with the guys.

Let's see, at two points per glass of wine, two points per latte and 12 points per Dove dark chocolate bar, I can have dark chocolate, one latte, and four glasses of wine today. But wait! If I walk the dog for an hour I get, let's see.....one point. ONE! My husband went out and pruned for three hours yesterday and earned eight. Was this site designed by a man?


Ziji Wangmo said...

So funny - and how is it that men lose weight so much faster than women? Not fair! I got on the scale 3 weeks ago and realized that I had gained 10 lbs. over summer - what a drag! But, I quess that's what happens when you make french toast and apple crisps every day for almost 3 months...and don't exercise. Anyway, I made up my own diet plan, ie. consume less calories - it's working (but I'm at week 3 1/2 and the choc. cravings are getting stronger), but I'll have to check out weight watchers and make sure that my husband doesn't participate.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I am so with you on this. I actually joined WW with my husband years ago, and he got his 10 pound ribbon the 2nd week, applause, admiration, on and on. I lost 3 pounds. The point system had to be designed by a man, it has to be. I know they loose quicker, but they also eat so much better. Drives me crazy. I can't do it with him anymore, cause he gets competitive, and that makes me want more chocolate.
Understanding hugs and love!

Deb said...

I've decided God had to give them something to compensate for the fact that we got all the rest of the good stuff!

This doesn't get any easier - so enjoy the weight that does decide to go. Then run like crazy so it can't find you again.

ammogirl said...

You are right--not fair! You two should do a competition like the one I just finished at work. It's based on percentage of body weight lost, not pounds...much easier to beat the men and their unfair advantage!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Proud of you for even TRYING - take an A!

Scott from Oregon said...

I need to join you. Pruning? Who knew?

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