Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

I realize that many of my posts contain contemplative questions and musings and not much resolution. Sorry 'bout that. Because I have time and am currently avoiding working on my book, I figured I'd post an update on many of the things I've blogged about over the past months. So, in no particular order, here goes:

  • My father is recovering nicely from his surgery for lung cancer. He was surprised by the amount of pain and the subsequent lack of mobility, but has crested the hill and is beginning to coast down the other side. He starts chemotherapy in June and we're hoping that by Christmas this will all be a crappy memory. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  • My husband is feeling fairly good and is able to work his normal hours, but is under strict orders NOT to travel anywhere farther away than California (those orders were given by me, not his physician, by the way) until after he has his second surgery. He's not inclined to do that anytime soon, but is aware that should he have a relapse, I take over the decision making and the surgery will happen. We are all able to relax a bit and are hoping we can get through the summer without any difficulties.

  • My grandfather continues to defy the odds and is slowly plugging along, not undergoing any more treatment for his bone cancer since he said plainly, "it sucked", and living on pain medication and the kindness of friends who come pick him up and drive him around the golf course with them in the cart once a week. Lovely!

  • We put the dog on doggie Prozac for exactly three days, at which time I was so dismayed that we had turned him into a fluffy dog-skin rug with no personality or energy that I decided to pull the plug on that. He now happily rides most everywhere with me in the car when I'm gone and the two crates he destroyed have been banished to the garage, never to be used again. We are all much happier and, so far, he has refrained from trying to escape from the car when he's left there occasionally. Cross your fingers that this continues!

  • I had a terrific Mother's Day and was able to dig the hole for my doggie septic tank that afternoon (no help from hubby, I'm afraid - he still thinks I'm nuts). It works beautifully and, despite the fact that he has 2+ acres of places to poop, my faithful companion (the furry one) has begun doing his business within mere feet of the device, making it much easier to clean it up when he's done. Do you suppose it would be tacky to get one of these for my dad on Father's Day? Probably.

  • We have yet to visit the "food pyramid" that my youngest so desperately wants to see, but we've sampled its wares (especially the chocolate) many times, so I'm hoping she'll settle for a trip to the beach this summer instead.


  • My youngest has informed us that she no longer wears "undies". We are now to refer to them as "toot-catchers". Charmer!

  • In that vein, if you have a slightly twisted sense of humor and enjoyed such movies as "The Full Monty" and "Shaun of the Dead", I HIGHLY encourage you to check out "Hot Fuzz". It is in theaters now. My husband and I saw it this weekend and I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. You know it's tickled you when you repeat lines from the movie in the car all the way home and get yourself into one of those fits of laughter that is indistinguishable from crying.

  • Also on my list of recommendations is a book called "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See and an awesome light (perhaps bathroom-reader) book "101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions: The Art of Chindogu"by Kenji Kawakami, complete with photographs. If you don't crack up, you're taking too much doggie Prozac!

And that, my friends, is all the news that is fit to blog from my world today. Hope you're all enjoying some Spring (or Fall, in the case of my South American compadres) friends and can feel my warm thoughts heading your way. Love!


Deb said...

Thank you so much for the update. It feels a bit like a Starbucks date - only in the ozone. So glad to hear that things are calmer for now. I've been wanting to see Hot Fuzz and now more than ever. I loved Snowflower - Lisa See is such an amazing author. Will be getting the Japanese book - one can never have too much to laugh at. Bunches of love!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your update! I have been wondering how things have been going for you, after the posts. Especially about your dad, I will keep him in my prayers, but I am glad to hear things are going better. Sorry to hear the doggy prozac didn't work, but at least now you have company with you all the time! Gotta love those litte guys. I am writing this as I am trying to nudge Sadie over a bit, so I don't fall out of my own bed. Thanks for the recommendations I am up for a good laugh. I will check it out soon. Have a good weekend. My first workshop, think good thoughts and pray I don't pass out from total panic! Love ya!

Jerri said...

Thanks for the updates. S. has been on my mind and in my prayers a lot lately. I'm glad to know he's holding his own and especially glad he's following your wise orders to stick close to home.

Love to your dad and grandpa, too.

Scott from Oregon said...

I want to know about your book. How is THAT going?

Jenny Rough said...

What a good idea - to update us on old posts. Thanks! It's good to know how you are doing.

Kim said...

Wow--what a satisfying post to read! Thank you for the updates. I am sending good wishes to you and all of your family, human and canine.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Glad all is well.

Ziji Wangmo said...

Thank you for the update! I'll have to check out past posts to understand why the dog was on Prozac!

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