Saturday, May 26, 2007

Condiments, Anyone?

Okay, I'm feeling a bit random today, and don't have much time to write, as my husband has planned a barbecue for some friends of his from work. For those of you who don't know - S. is an obsessive weekend chef, and back before we had kids, one of the things we loved to do most together was cook.

Two years ago we got rid of the hot tub wasting space on our deck and built an outdoor kitchen, complete with a natural gas grill, a grill that can use charcoal or hardwoods, a smoker, a side burner that can accommodate a professional size wok with more BTUs than I can recall right now, and a mini-fridge. The deal was, if he was going to spend the cash to build this dream patio, he had to be willing to use it every weekend, so we added a roof with a skylight. Since then, it's pretty rare that I cook at all on Saturday or Sunday, and we entertain large groups of people about once a month so he can show off his newly acquired skills.

The only thing that makes me crazy about all of this cooking is the outrageous collection of condiments we have housed in our refrigerator. Here's the rundown:

Pesto (both basil and cilantro varieties)
Mango vinegar/oil salad dressing
Tartar sauce
Seedless raspberry jam
Habanero raspberry jam
Maraschino cherries
Lite mayonnaise
Mustard (honey mustard, regular French's mustard, stone ground mustard, dijon mustard)
Peanut satay sauce base
Cajun hot sauce
Adams Natural Peanut Butter (no, my kids won't touch it - they prefer the stuff that doesn't have to be refrigerated)
honey mustard salad dressing
roasted red peppers
chipotle peppers
spicy sesame oil
Sriracha hot chili sauce
Hoisin sauce
Soy vey Teriyaki sauce
Tamari sauce
S. homemade barbecue sauce
"Bone Suckin'" barbecue sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Oyster sauce
Fish sauce
Blue cheese salad dressing
Dulce de leche imported from Argentina

Don't get me started on the pantry! I'm not complaining, though. That outdoor kitchen has served me well.

What's in your fridge?


Sue said...

Oh wow. Now I want something fabulous cooked for me. Can I come over???????

Quite jealous of that outdoor kitchen, too!


holly said...

Me too! Can I come to dinner?

Love the outdoor kitchen, beautiful!

Michelle O'Neil said...

That patio is awesome! And the hubs cooking every weekend? Girl, you got it made!

Deb said...

Buy the guy his own fridge for those condiments! I'm sure you can make a spot on the patio. What a great kitchen that is. Happy BBQ!

Scott from Oregon said...

I am a firm beleiver in outdoor kitchens and, believe it or not, outdoor bathrooms. Why run in the house when you've been gardening when you can sit amongst the trees and squirrels?

Jerri said...

Fabulous, Kari. Both the kitchen the and guy cooking on weekends.

Housing the condiments? Small price to pay.

Anonymous said...

I love what you did to your back yard. I got a husband that cooks on the weekends and I love it, now I need to work on our back yard. Now for the fridge, I understand we are full of this sauce and that sauce, but he cooks so the sauces stay. JLN

Jenny Rough said...

That outdoor kitchen is SO cool!

Anonymous said...

I would need a 2nd refrigerator as the one I have in the outdoor kitchen is exclusively for beer:)

"S" - the official one.

Ziji Wangmo said...

Amazing set-up. The key question here is: do you so the prep work? I think men often get way too much credit in the grill department. Most of the time they burn the meat that we have chosen, bought, cleaned, prepped!
Sounds like your guy may be different. And I love that you can sit back and dish out the condiments on the weekend.

Kim said...

That looks like an absolute slice of heaven. Fabulous

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I'm GREEN with envy! We are SO doing a workshop, excuse me, good weather workshop, at your house!

Miss Devylish said...

OK.. you have me beat by tons! But I do love his bbq sauce. MMMM! That space is so worth it if I can come over again and again to be fed! :)

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