Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've had it up to HERE with winter, okay?

At what point does a community decide they are going to change their approach to snowy weather? Granted, this winter has been an incredibly unusual one in my portion of the country, but when the school children are faced with going to school into the month of July to make up for snow closures and it's only mid-January, isn't that some sort of sign?

I know there are only so many snow plows to be had and I accept the rationale that to purchase more would certainly be frivolous spending, in light of past weather patterns. But when I look outside and see all of the dedicated workers slowly making their way to the office after spending the previous evening on the phone begging other parents or high-school girls to watch their children, I think, "Hmm, maybe what I should be doing instead of watching their children is asking them to drive my kids to school." For every school bus that can't make it up an icy hill, there are fourteen parents with 4WD SUVs who are reveling in their first opportunity to fully avail themselves of all the features of their gas-guzzlers.

Our schools usually have, on average, two to four snow days per year, and they almost always occur in February and March. With two power-outage days and five snow days already this year, July 4th is threatening to pass as just another "teacher inservice day" for our kids. My eldest daughter is one of those sickening children who actually can't wait to go to school and was despondent from the first day of snowy weather that she couldn't be watching the beautiful flakes fall from her classroom instead of our kitchen. But even my youngest, who would rather be doing just about anything besides learning something other than how to drive the rest of us crazy more efficiently, was complaining of being "bored of the snow" and wishing she could at least play with her school chums instead of the neighbor kids. I am sure you can imagine how I am feeling about now, with not one actual full five-day-week of school having happened since before Thanksgiving due to holidays and weather issues. I would just about volunteer to carry my girls piggy-back the three miles to their school if I thought anyone would be there to take them.

I say, let's come together as a community and find a way to get our kids to school just as we find a way to get ourselves to work when we absolutely have no other alternative. Any takers?


Carrie Wilson Link said...

You're singing my song!

ammogirl said...

It's a bit ridiculous, this snow day thing. We NEVER had snow days when we were growing up. Of course, we never had snow...nevermind.

Our schools were closed today because of wind. Fortunately, they were closed with only an hour remaining, so not all was lost.

Um, wine? for lunch?

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister. So far we have 5 days to make up. Our school dis. is talking about taking some days away from Mid-winter break and/or Spring break. It becoming a big issue with the parents and teachers. When I was a kid, I would walk to school in the snow. But I grew up in NJ; people there handle snow better than here.

Jenny Rough said...

That's so funny about your oldest daughter wanting to go to school so bad.

You should move to sunny LA...wait, it snowed in the mountains there a few days ago too.

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