Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Words I Love

Okay, this is a totally random post, but since monsoon season has officially begun in the Pacific Northwest, that's how my mind is working today.

I love words and language. I only really know one (okay, I'm passable in French), but I love the sound and feel of words on my tongue and the way they travel around my brain when I'm reading. I love that sometimes a single word will get stuck in my head, just like a catchy tune, and I can say it over and over again, feeling it morph in my mind. There are some words I just love for no discernable reason at all, and others I love for what they mean to me. Here goes:

choice (duh, of course I love this word - it represents possibility to me)
plethora (even though I don't often say it out loud because it sounds a little pompous, I like the way it looks and feels on my tongue)
salsa (a Seinfeld episode comes to mind with this - I think Jerry said, "People just can't stop sayin' salsa."
pendejo (actually a mean slur in Spanish, but it's fun to say with the silent j - try it, you'll like it. But don't say it in public, or to anyone who knows Spanish - they'll take offense for sure!)
blogger/bloggerific (I used to hate the word blog because it seemed so meaningless, but it has grown on me)
cocodrillo (Spanish for crocodile - it's fun to say, too)

I know there are more, but I'm getting distracted saying those fun Spanish words to myself. Anyone else have any ideas?


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I like "veritable", "assuage",
"impervious", to name a few. I'm weird, though, I could entertain myself with a dictionary for HOURS!

kario said...

That's why I like you, Carrie! We weirdos have to stick together. I'm loving assuage, by the way.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny.. 'crocodile' is one of my favorite words.. but always always.. I always come back to 'solace'. It gives me peace.. just like it means. But this is a good idea for a post. I may steal a bit of it.. xoxox

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