Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yup, no school, no work, and my holiday guests can't leave. An absolutely unprecedented storm dumped four inches of snow at my house in about 45 minutes last night and we are stuck. Now, you readers in the midwest or Eastern parts of the U.S. or other parts of the world that are used to snow are thinking, "What a bunch of pansies! Four inches is nothing!" I know, I know. But here in the Pacific Northwest, we never get snow without its evil companion, black ice. Lying quietly and treacherously beneath the fluffy blanket of white is a sinister layer of high-gloss, just waiting for someone in a rear-wheel drive car to come innocently around the corner.

My kids were out gobbling up the fat flakes as they fell and rolling snowballs until dinner last night. They woke up at 6am to tell me they doubted there would be school, and by 7am, they were suited up and making snow angels. The dog, an almost-two-year-old who has never seen snow, wasn't sure what to do with himself. The girls tortured him by throwing snowballs for him to fetch and fell down laughing when he chased after them only to whirl around a moment later when they got lost in the rest of the white. He finally resorted to writhing on his back, making his own version of a snow angel, and eating as much of the white stuff as he could. The girls are cautioning the neighbors to look out for "yellow and brown snow" and building snow forts.

My husband phoned this morning from South America - his first business trip since the surgery. He is glad not to be here for the snow and cold and informed us that he is spending his days wearing shorts and sipping iced tea in the 85 degree weather.

I love sitting on the sidelines, watching the kids and the dog romp in the weather. They are grateful for some outdoor time after the weeks of rainy, grey weather we've had, and I'm happy just to see sunshine again. I'm baking blueberry bread and pecan cakes to stick in the freezer for the holidays and hoping the soft covering outside will muffle the noises coming from my brain today. Cloak the to-do lists and countdown to Christmas in a downy white blanket and leave them for another day. Today is a snow day.


Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes!!!!

I was really bummed yesterday when I realised that it would be a snow day today, but my goodness, all that snow has a sliver lining - happy kids, lots of fresh air and exuberance not taken out on each other for once! Some laundry done and Christmas cards, written and ready to go!! Yipee if it's a snow day tomorow I might not be quite so happy, but for now this is one happy Mummy and one quiet house!

Now for some on line shopping just to round out my day!

All love S xxx

Mother Jones RN said...

Blueberry bread, yum (imagine Homer Simpson noises as he drools over doughnuts). Do you think you can squeeze a loaf of your bread into an evelope and send it to me in the mail?


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Did it work? Did you enjoy your snow day? If so, you're a bigger woman than I! We had "traces" of snow here, and it was enough to get me panicky!

kario said...

MJ - Love to send you some. Consider it a holiday gift.

Carrie - didn't work. See the post directly after it. Ugh.

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