Monday, August 21, 2006

Something Light for a Change

A friend of mine was asking for another meme on her blog today and I found this one one the web and thought it was interesting (and short). So, here goes:

1. If you could fly for a day, where would you go?
I guess that would depend on whether I could fly faster than a commercial airliner or not. Assuming I'm flying at the same speed of a jet, I'd head to Sooke Harbour, Vancouver Island, Canada. It is the most breathtaking place right along the Pacific Ocean with kelp beds full of sea otters and tidepools I could spend the whole day exploring.

If I could fly exponentially faster than an airplane, I would head to Eze in the South of France and spend the day exploring the cobblestoned alleyways, tasting wine and cheese and watching the lavendar fields from my supper table.

2. If you could turn invisible for a day, what would you do with the power?
Boringly enough, I suppose I would sit in my favorite chair in my bedroom with a stack of fantastic books and a pot of tea, knowing that my kids wouldn't be able to find me and pester me for help. They'd have to go to their father.

3. If you could teleport for a day, what adventures would you have?
I would go to Korea and drop in on my friend, Treena, then off to the Oregon Coast to visit Megan and her kids for a bit. I'd stop for a martini with my grandfather in Southern California since I haven't seen him in a while, and then I'd zip off to Providence, RI to meet the newest member of the Meisel clan who was born in July.

4. If you could change your appearance like a chameleon for a day, how would you use the ability?
I would love to look like G.W. Bush and head into downtown Seattle to chat with a bunch of liberals, agreeing with nearly everything they said and blowing all their minds (assuming I could reliably escape bodily harm).

5. If you could have any super power for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Would you ever use your power for selfish reasons? Would you ever hurt anyone (either physically or emotionally) with it?
I think I would choose teleportation. I don't want to be able to read minds or have super-hearing, and flying would get old. Teleporting would enable me to visit places I've always wanted to go and still sleep in my own bed every night. I could stay in touch with my friends and loved ones in person and wouldn't need to pay for gas or worry about being late if my girls have events five minutes apart.

What do you think?

1 comment:

Miss Devylish said...

I would add the power to take me w/ you when you go visit Treenster and Meems!

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