Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Okay, this post is not for anyone who is rabidly pro-life (as in anti-choice, anti-stem-cell research, anti-euthanasia, etc.). Perhaps we can agree to disagree and you can read some of my other posts, or you can even post your comments of disagreement with me, so long as my ideas and logic are the target, and not my right to exist as a person or my family, or my morality. Okay? That said, Jon Stewart skewered Ramesh Ponnuru, a neo-George Will type "reporter" last week on The Daily Show. If you missed it, please follow the link below and you can watch it as long as you have eight minutes to spare. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at7F6gVHtos&search=daily%20showRamesh has published a book entitled The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life. Wow! Holy sensationalism, Batman! Could you get any more stereotypical? Anyone who knows me well, knows that I believe in a woman's right to choose and the power of stem-cell research to stop debilitating diseases such as MS, Parkinson's Disease, diabetes, etc., and I have signed a living will. I do, however, resent being labeled as one of the "party of death" considering I am not in favor of the war in Iraq (uh, I believe there have been many dead "innocents" as a result), nor am I in favor of the death penalty. Getting pregnant with a severely genetically deformed baby not enough, Dubya? Maybe I can convince you the unborn child is concealing WMDs in my womb...I could go on for days, but I will spare you the rhetoric. 'Nuff said.

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Miss Devylish said...

They pick and choose which arguments they use my dear.. just to support their own illogical stance. Makes me so angry.. but YAY for Jon!!

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