Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just some fun stuff...

Miss Devylish came up with idea to craft some new "meme" questions, so here are my answers. Read on to get insight into my scintillating life...

What is the dish you take to every potluck?
I never take the same one. I always pick something different, but lately I’ve been doing desserts cuz nobody else ever brings anything chocolate or decadent enough for me.

Have you ever seen or felt a ghost, angel, spirit, or some sort of other-worldy being?
No, I think I’m too “logical” or scientific for that. But I definitely believe the dead live on and leave a legacy of love and influence among those they were important to.

Would you rather never workout again and be skinny forever or be able to work out whenever you wanted to and be a little overweight?
Never work out again. I despise working out simply for the sake of working out. I love to ride bikes, play volleyball, hike, swim, etc, but not in the name of losing (or maintaining) weight.

What is the hardest thing you think you've experienced so far?
Watching my husband nearly die from dehydration and shock in front of our children.

Do you like Snoopy or Woodstock better?

Can you talk and eat at the same time? And if so, can people understand you?
Well, that totally depends on what I’m eating. Pasta’s a bit tough, as are Saltines, but I can speak reasonably well with most other foods in there, I think.

If you could be good at any profession, which would you choose and why?
I would love to work with a non-profit that unites families who are needy with families who have more than enough resources and want to help.

Would you rather be a Playboy bunny or a Hooters girl?
Hooters girl.

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth?

Bad boys, frat boys, intellectuals or dorks?
Depends on what they’re doing for me. I’d like an intellectual to do my taxes and manage my money, a dork to manage my computer network, a bad boy to do my lawn and I’m married to a frat boy.

Name 6 people, alive or dead, you'd like to invite to dinner.
Carl Sagan, my great grandmother, President Carter, my friend Susan, Gloria Steinem, and Bobby Flay to do the cooking

This is a two parter, and be truthful – when you are by yourself, do you get a 6 inch or a 12 inch sandwich from Subway? How about when you are with your friends? Actually, I tend to go next door to Starbucks instead. By myself, I order a double tall latte and an espresso brownie. With friends (except Angel) I’d order just the latte.

What was the worst thing one of your siblings ever did to you?
Told me he’d run interference with my mom while I snuck a Playboy magazine up to his room to look at later and instead he ratted me out and said it was all my idea.

Location of the best sex you've ever had?
Woods near the Santiam River.

Oddest place you've ever had sex?

If you were super drunk, and REALLY had to pee, but all the toilets were being used, would you consider alternate receptacles, i.e. the mens, outside, a sink?
I’d go in the men’s room before I’d use the sink, for sure!

If you had to pick, classical or jazz?

What's your favorite kind of pizza?
Frou frou gourmet – artichoke hearts, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes

Ever flirted with a friend's significant other?
Jesus, I don’t remember! I’ve been with the same guy for over fourteen years, for God’s sake. Who remembers flirting? I’m sure I did when I was a teenager.

What was the blog site or blog post that began your interest in blogging? Please add the site name and link to specific post if possible for completely entertainment purposes.
Miss Devylish, of course.

Have you ever eaten a whole bag of Marshmallows?
Just the thought of that made me sick! Ugh.

Last time you drank so much that you had to throw up?
I avoid throwing up at all costs. I have definitely had the room spins, but hate barfing more than just about anything, so I’d (almost) rather hold it all in and die of alcohol poisoning.

Do you have a stupid human trick you can do if you ever get on Dave Letterman? And do tell, if so! Nothing terribly amazing. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, but it wouldn’t make for terrific TV.

Describe your perfect day. Waking up around 9:00am to sunshine and lying in bed reading for a while before showering. Eating a (ready-made) breakfast of pain au chocolate and a double tall latte with some fresh berries and going out to walk on the beach and explore tidepools. Playing with my kids on the beach, making sand castles, flying kites, playing chase, whatever. Having a picnic lunch with my family on the beach and settling down with my book again for a while (or for a nap) in the sun. Listening to live music outdoors to cap the day off with a bottle of wine, some stinky cheese, my honey, and some chocolate and heading back for a romantic bath.

Do you think the concept of a single best friend is outdated and unrealistic?
I certainly don’t think as I get older that having a dedicated “best friend” per se is important to me. I prefer to have a few really solid friends that I can count on and who I can trust to like me for who I am.

What about the idea of one true love? I don’t believe in fate or destiny or that there is only one person out there for each of us, but I am married to the only person I can truly imagine myself being married to right now. I can’t say that if something changed drastically that I wouldn’t ever find a fulfilling relationship with another person, though. I can’t predict that.

One of your favorite memories of all time? My husband proposing to me on the beach in Maui.

What is your least favorite physical feature about yourself? My thin, fine, floppy hair.

What's your most favorite? My naturally strong, long fingernails.

If you had one wish for making the world a better place, what would it be? Increased understanding and tolerance of differences between cultures.

What traits, good and bad, from your family do you possess? Impatience, perfectionism, and being short are the bad ones (duh). But I got good skin (no acne as a teen, I tan instantly and never burn), the willingness to help out wherever I can, and intelligence from my parents, too, so I guess the balance is in my favor.

When was the last time you played a board game, which one, and with whom? Candyland, yesterday, my three-year-old (but I suspect she cheated).

Name some person/place/thing currently that infuriates you Only one? I guess that would have to be Dubya

Name some person/place/thing currently that makes you happy, deliriously or otherwise (besides your boyfriend/spouse/fiance girls) The beach never fails to make me happy.

Ever been in a car accident? If so, how many and spill the details. Yup, three days after I got my license I spun out on wet gravel and drove my car off a forest service road three miles from anywhere after dark. The car got pinned between the side of the cliff and a tree trunk about 15 feet down and my boyfriend and I escaped with minor scratches and bruises, but boy were our mothers pissed off! Oh, and he had to slap me across the face to stop my shrieking.

What's your favorite word? FUCK! Although I rarely get to say it because I don’t want my girls to hear it from me first. I’d rather act indignant when they say it the first time and demand to know where they got that word. (Probably their Auntie Angel ;-))


Miss Devylish said...

I was waiting for the slam of where the kids would hear the F word from.. saw that coming a mile away.. tho I want the record to state I learned to say it so much from you, dear girl. You know it's the truth too.

And tho frat boy he is, that man of yours is the nicest frat boy I've ever met..

kario said...

Yeah, he's the best frat boy ever, you're right!

And, it doesn't matter that you learned the word from me. My girls will never believe you if you tell them that, anyway ;-).

megan said...

Okay just what were you doing in Maui with a guy pre marriage? You dawg. And I'm lucky to report Rory used the F word for the first time at his after school program. He thinks he heard it there, which is possible, but I know for a fact Mark does not suppress his vocabulary. I got to act surprised! He's 6 for God's sake. WTF is he thinking? But really I don't think he knew just how bad that word was! Fun post, my responses are on Angel's.

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