Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Several things you may not know about me...

Okay, so I've been tagged. For those of you who don't know what that is, it means I've been given a questionnaire of sorts to fill in with my own, personal information. No matter that the person who tagged me probably knows all of the answers to the questions - perhaps there is some nugget of information you, the other readers, are dying to know. Or maybe not. In any case, here goes...

What were you doing 10 Years Ago?

I was living in a dinky little apartment with my new husband and two adorable cats. I worked as a surgical assistant for a group of plastic surgeons and, except for the commute, absolutely loved it. We performed quite a range of services, from cosmetic surgeries (not my favorite, although there really is an art to it - don't go to a surgeon who doesn't think so!) to major reconstructions (these were absolutely the best, most fun ones to be a part of) and hand surgeries.

That might sound odd, but back then most plastic surgeons couldn't count on enough business from simple cosmetics, and most insurance companies wouldn't pay for reconstructions, so they did sub-specialties to generate more income, and most of them were trained to do hand surgery. We got a lot of traumatic injuries - typically people who had lost a finger and needed it reattached. It gave me a sort-of thrill to see someone sitting in the waiting room with a blood-soaked bandage and a cup of ice in the other. I know that's terrible, but the cup of ice almost always contained something really cool that we could put back together. Let's just say I love to "fix" things and that job was the ultimate! Unfortunately for my husband, he's very squeamish, and I used to come home and be bursting with stories of interesting surgeries that day, so he was forced to listen to gory details over dinner. He was happy when I left that job!

P.S. Little known fact: Thanksgiving Day is the worst day for finger injuries for women - tragic kitchen (usually Cuisinart-induced) accidents! The first of spring brings out the men who've stupidly decided to stick their hand under the lawnmower to remove something without first turning the engine off...

5 Years Ago?

I was adjusting to staying at home with my first child and just beginning to build my network of new-mommy friends. I was also doing some consulting - building databases for a mental health facility to track their patients, but mostly I was reveling in my little girl's new skills. I was trying to convince my husband to remodel our painfully ugly kitchen at the same time I was feeling guilty that I was no longer bringing in money of any consequence to the household.

1 Year Ago?

Having a major nervous breakdown. Crying at the therapist's office once a week and discovering just what a true prince my husband is. I started menopause (yeah, even if you do the math, it doesn't make sense - I'm 34, I know it's ridiculous, but truth is stranger than fiction, right, folks?) and fell into a pit of depression so deep there was no light at the top. Thankfully, when I chose my life partner, I got lucky to get one who believes in "for better or for worse" and who was willing to go get a bigger plate on which to pile my crap and his. My kids were learning that supermommies should not exist, and I was learning that asking for help is not pathetic and weak, but the human condition.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. deep, dark chocolate (preferably Lindt swiss dark chocolate truffles)
2. Erin's original popcorn
3. cheese
4. crisp, sweet apples
5. did I mention chocolate? Not milk chocolate, and don't even push my hot button by uttering "white chocolate".

Five songs (you think) you know by heart:
1. Hammer and a Nail (Indigo Girls)
2. Gloria (U2)
3. Adia (Sarah McLachlan)
4. Hotel California (The Eagles)
5. These are Days (10,000 Maniacs/Natalie Merchant)

Five things you would do with a LOT of money:
1. Donate to NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and some fund who will find a viable, actual Democratic candidate for President!
2. Buy a 1962 Corvette convertible
3. Stock my kids' college funds
4. Buy a little cabin near the water somewhere in the Pacific Northwest
5. Help my sister and brother financially

Five things you would never wear:
1. Uncomfortable shoes - life is too short!
2. A belly ring - it hurts me just to look at them
3. A thong bathing suit. Nobody should have to see that!
4. I'm with Miss Devylish - no muu muus! (btw, what the heck made you think of that?)
5. Those long feathery-looking earrings we had in the 80s.

Five things I should never have worn:
1. Jellies (remember those horrible plastic sandals?)
2. Culottes
3. Pastel plaid shorts
4. A strapless prom dress - let's just say I didn't have enough to hold it up. Thank goodness it was dark at the dance!
5. Headgear in public.

Five things I enjoy doing: Reading, playing Legos with my kids, laying in bed with my husband on Saturday morning before the kids are awake (doesn't happen often), holding my husband's hand, working in the garden.

Five bad habits: Chewing my lip, cracking my gum, driving while mediating fights between my kids, not flossing my teeth, yelling when I'm frustrated

Five people I would like to do this: I'll just leave this for now and not pass it on.

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Miss Devylish said...

Remember, for better or worse works both ways.. you are a GEM!

You don't floss? Girl.. the dentist (and I see one rarely) always said only floss the ones you want to keep! So.. you know.. just sayin..

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